How a Live DJ Can Make Your Corporate Event Better

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Organizing corporate events like industry or company parties, product launches, marketing activations, holiday parties, etc involve a lot of work to plan and set-up. Juggling things like room and furniture rentals, physical logistics, catering, liquor licensing and event bartenders is always difficult. And one key party component that often gets overlooked is the music.


Sometimes it seems like there are only two music options corporate events go with: a full live band or a background Spotify playlist (or maybe someone at the office does a bit of amateur DJing). Each of these represents a bit of an inflexible extreme. However, adding a professional DJ to handle the music at your event can really elevate it to the next level, in some ways that are obvious and others less so.

A DJ sets the perfect mood and tone for your event

In other words, they know how to read the room and apply just the right amount of music. It’s musical curation for the room/space.


For example, at a beauty event where people are going around booths or receiving product demonstrations, a live DJ knows the priority is for the crowd to hear what someone is saying to them. So they make that experience easy by carefully controlling the style of music, maybe focusing on more ambient background-music kind of songs rather than dance anthems or pop hits.


But if your corporate party is made for dancing, a DJ can create the right vibe using their deep musical knowledge and skills. Sometimes the DJ can read a room in ways others can’t. A client may think they want a certain vibe for their event because that’s what they like, but a lot of the time that doesn’t match the actual vibe of the event. A good DJ will feel the crowd and what they’re enjoying, and adjust the music on the fly to keep them happy.

A DJ can match your brand and elevate the experience

A good live DJ — and this is something we specialize in at LUXELIFE — can really match the brand’s aesthetic and overall vibe, which can really elevate a corporate event.


Story time! Last year LUXELIFE booked Fenty Beauty’s launch at Sephora. No surprise, they really wanted someone with a love for Rihanna who was funky and fun. So I placed our awesome DJ Fly Lady Di there, who is a huge Rih fan and known for her Rihanna inspired dance classes. Needless to say she totally nailed the vibe, and the event was absolute madness. Fantastic launch party.


This year, we are sending our DJs who are members of the LGBTQ community to Pride Toronto events, and it’s intersectional because they are Women of Colour and members of the community, so you know those parties will be some of the coolest at the festival.

A DJ means one less thing for YOU to worry about

If you’re running a corporate event, you’ve got enough to freak out about. Hiring a live DJ means one less thing for you and your team to stress over when it comes to the music.


More than just selecting and mixing songs, this means someone else handles the technical setup of the speakers and sound system for you, which can take up a lot of an organizer’s time. Plus of course you don’t have to constantly fear the music taking a turn for the worse with a bad selection that kills the vibe at your party and gets people checking their watches and heading for the door early…

A DJ lets you create themed events

Booking a live DJ opens up the possibility of transforming your corporate event into a themed party. These can also really sync with your brand and create an experience people will be talking about for a long time.


For example, we did a David Bowie-themed party with a client who wanted to give her employees a real night of fun. We’ve also done really unforgettable themed events like a ladies lingerie party and a “girl power” bash. A live DJ not only provides the tunes but really help get across a unique look and style for your party.

A DJ can be matched with other performers for extra coolness

Having a DJ run the decks and handle the overall party music opens up new options for bringing other performers to your event that will make the experience unique.


There are limitless options here that will make your corporate party extra entertaining. We’ve paired our Toronto female DJs with electric violinists, and one dances between her sets, while two others sing. These performances really grab the crowd and gets everyone really excited and enjoying themselves.

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