Why You Need a Professional Sound Team

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A lot of people throwing an event with a live DJ try to set up the sound system themselves. Long story short, don’t. Not even if you have in-house technicians who think they can handle it.


This is because your sound system is, no exaggeration, the most fundamental part of the musical experience. (DJ comes a very close second.)


If your sound is off, it will stop your event crowd from being immersed in the music. Any technical problems will stand out like a sore thumb, and kill whatever energy might happen.

A professional sound crew knows how to get the basics right

Setting up a sound system for a one-off event or party will often mean encountering major problems that aren’t easy to fix. We’re talking about sonic distortion/feedback, static in the speakers, a volume too low or too loud for the room, and imbalanced sound.


Letting outside sound experts brought on by your DJ service handle the sound system and its configuration will prevent these problems.

Setting it up in-house can be risky

An improperly set-up sound system can really go sideways. We’re talking Titanic-levels of failure here, that can even result in some serious (and expensive) damage to the equipment itself.


You may have a team of technical workers who think they can easily get the DJ booth and speaker system set up, but unless they’re seasoned pros it’s going to put your event at risk, especially if they don’t do a proper sound check/testing, which a lot of in-house technicians don’t fully do.

It’s one less thing to worry about

When an outside sound crew handles your sound, you’re set. Don’t worry about it, it’s in good hands, guaranteed to work. So focus on the thousand other things you’re handling for the event. By leaving it to the outside experts, you’re not only free of worrying about proper setup, but also for sound problem-solving and end-of-night teardown.


We handle it for you, meaning less risk for you and some peace of mind you could probably really use, as well as better sound for your Toronto DJ talent.

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